Shad Crawlers

This  bait that was first build in 2001

 The Shad Bee Predecessor is now the Shad Crawler  

This bait was design for the conditions when a smaller profile bait with a swimming action instead of a hard wobble like most Plastic baits.

Its high pitch rattle triggers strikes. This Shad Crawler, has 2 models available.  Shad #1 and #2 .

 The one (1#) is the smallest build for the 2-5 foot range great for spring and fall when the bait get wadded up in the back of the creeks . Its work well on a spinning rod but can be use on a bait caster real its weighted to the max for easy casting . On spinner set up 20 lb Braid and flora leader  #5 hooks  hooks are standard and colors to match the hatch!

The Two (2) is bigger and runs to depths up to 8 foot by  crawling over the rooks making a mud trail in the sand this guys has a big attitude This bait has rattle and weighted to the max.  Casting  no problem work best on 6-12 lb flora, large the line the shallower it wit run #4 Hooks