When conditions call for a smaller profile and subtle action, the Brian’s Shad Crawler Balsa Crankbait is the bait you want to tie on. Designed to outperform hard wobbling plastic crankbaits when conditions are tough, the Brian’s Shad Crawler Balsa Crankbait features a slender baitfish body shape, slim circuit board bill, and a balsa wood construction that produces a tight swimming action rather than a wide wobble, which is deadly in cold water and when there is increased fishing pressure from other anglers. For additional acoustic attraction, it is also equipped with a single glass bead rattle that creates a subtle knocking sound to entice more bites in slightly stained water. 

To ensure you put more fish in the boat, the Brian’s Shad Crawler Balsa Crankbait is outfitted with top quality Owner ST-36 treble hooks that provide a superior hook up ratio and stainless steel split rings for enhanced durability as well. Covered in a custom airbrushed paint job, the Brian’s Shad Crawler Balsa Crankbait delivers handmade performance that catches fish when all other crankbaits won’t produce.

Brian's Crankbaits
Shad Crawler #1
Shad Crawler #2

This  bait that was first build in 2001

 The Shad Bee Predecessor is now the Shad Crawler  

 Its work well on a spinning rod but can be use on a bait caster real its weighted to the max for easy casting . On spinner set up 20 lb Braid and flora leader  #5 hooks  hooks are standard and colors to match the hatch!

The Two (2) is bigger and runs to depths up to 8 foot by  crawling over the rooks making a mud trail in the sand this guys has a big attitude This bait has rattle and weighted to the max.  Casting  no problem work best on 6-12 lb flora, large the line the shallower it wit run #4 Hooks