The Mud

Panstakingly handcrafted one at a time, the Brian’s Mud Crawler Squarebill Balsa Crankbait delivers a one of a kind balsa wood action that can’t be replicated by mass-produced plastic crankbaits. Specifically designed to be fished on red clay banks, long shoals, sand, and pea gravel, the Brian’s Mud Crawler Squarebill Balsa Crankbait is unlike most bulbous shaped balsa crankbaits and features flat sides that generate a tight wobbling action and is equipped with an internal glass rattle to attract more bites in stained water conditions. When it comes into contact with cover its circuit board square lip design allows it to erratically deflect and trigger aggressive reaction strikes as well.

Outfitted with premium hardware from end-to-end, the Brian’s Mud Crawler Squarebill Balsa Crankbait features premium stainless steel split rings for added durability and two razor sharp Owner ST-36 treble hooks that deliver superior hook setting performance. Offered in a selection of highly detailed hand painted colors, the Brian’s Mud Crawler Squarebill Balsa Crankbait provides quality and performance that is simply in a league of its own.

Mud Crawler was designed in 2003 By Brian to Create and give the Tournament fisherman a edge over the competition.  Its weighted to the max so casting is no problem in the wind. Crank speed was designed to sweep the rod reel the slack, use the rod for the sensitivity not the line. Recommend a good quality of flora-carbon line I like the 12-15 lb, 8 lb on the gin clear lakes. Note: the line dia will control the depth of the bait, as always the larger the line the less depth you will achieve. packed with #4 owner hooks "get the net" !