Here are a few pictures of going through the process of making the hand-made balsa wood crank baits. Brian designs baits in Auto Cad then draws in 3d on rino-can develops post process files on win CNC router.  The balsa wood is ran on post process files in halves on the CNC router. Then they are laminated together with industrial glue with wire tree in side. Rattles are installed and weights are installed. Then the bait starts sanding process of final shaping. Now at this point the bills are glued in for durability.  They are sanded filled sanded, then encased with epoxy and then sanded again. Now painting process begins They are painted hand signed by Brian then Glossed. After that they are  baked in hot room for 24 hours, Then the owners hooks are  split ringed on and to the package they go to be shipped.