How to tune a Handmade

How to Tune a handmade Crankbait
A crankbait can only work correctly if it is tuned properly. Under certain fishing extremes such as fishing heavy cover, bouncing the bait of the bottom or even fighting a fish, the crankbaits ability to run properly can be jeopardized. However, don't you worry as tuning my crankbaits is not a difficult task. However, it may be a two step process. One of my recommendations is to first make sure the crankbait is properly tuned by using a swimming pool before hitting the open water. A properly tuned bait will hunt properly and have a very attractive wobble. Here is the correct way to keep the baits catching fish at their best. First, let's make sure the crankbait runs straight. If the lure is not running to straight bend the eye slightly in the direction you want the lure to run. You may also need to make the eye cock eyed by bending the back of the eye to the right or left accordingly. For example, if the crankbait is running to the left, use your pliers and bend the line tie to the right just a tad. Continue to do this in small increments until it runs straight. When this is complete, the line tie may look like it's not straight on the bill, but do not show a concern as which is normal. Please note that the bait will hunt which is what you want; meaning it will run straight, dart to the left, run straight then dart to the right and so forth. Once the crankbait is running straight, the next part of the process is to check the wobble. Second, If the wobble appears awkward or sloppy in anyway you may need to switch to a larger split ring or try using a loop knot in the line. Using a small diameter line such as Izoraline may be critical in getting the best performance from your crankbaits. I have tried to use oval split rings on almost all my baits and have been very unpleased with the results. The baits will lose a lot of action and on my fat wobblers the action is almost cut in half. My recommendation is to use a Split ring with a snap or loop knot with about a.25 inch loop.