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Prop Stick

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stick orange crush.jpg

Orange Crush

blue herrio.jpg

Blue Herrion

The Prop Stick

  It's a top water bait I build for the Florida lakes back in the late 90s

The devils horse rolls over and spins and is a hard bait to get work correctly.

 So, I designed a 2-piece bait weighted to prevent rollover with a wiring harness all the way trough. Larger props, and action Un resistible for "Big Momma"

Now sure they will get destroyed and the grass and the braid in the Florida lakes make it necessary to have the wire tree that goes all way, when you got her on some stainless still wire, she can't get away.

 We have also used in local Lake Wylie SC, Lake Norman NC, in Clown, bright orange and bubble gum not to forget chartreuse and parrot.  When the fish are on the bed, they will crush It. Hank Cherry and Shane Lineberger have been using in the southern lake east to the coast over grass for years, there is a bait fish call needle fish it resembles. Hank has caught 7 lb. fish in the elite before on it(If I recall correctly it's the one at the cost Brent Myers WON, he had big bass )

I am in the process of making a run just order online from link below through email until they get established 

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stick PBC back (2).jpg

PBC Back

stick back clown (2).jpg

Clown Back

PBC Back

stick back orange crush (2).jpg

Orange Crush Back

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