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 $16.50    each
Ditch Digger 1.0
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Ditch Digger:
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Standard $6.00 order up to a 1LB

Custom Matched Rod for the Ditch Digger  follow Click on link to order
Ditch Digger 1.00
Length: 4"
(*Length Of Lure Does Not Include Wire eyes and Props )
Depth: Sinking
Line: 15-20 lb.
Action: Fast Action HVY
Standard $6.00 order up to a 1LB

125,000.00 Winner O125,000.00 Winner Of the FLW tour event in Hot Springs

National Guard pro Brent Ehrler proudly displays his first-place check after winning the FLW Tour Chevy Open event at Lake Ouachita on the Prop Bee #2