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Home of the Designer and the First Flat side Prop Bait, The inventer of the Buzzing Bee the first buzzing crankbaits

 New era in cranking, I am introducing this line of baits for the deep cranking guys, no need to use light line and those hard to crank big lipped baits. In 2002 I come out with a Bee 24 crankbait that was a bottom digger for sure Anthony Gagalirdi used it a long with the bee 22 for Two(2) Flw wins. So deep cranking was redesignd here. Other have just now starting to catch up.

 After alot of trail and erra I have developed a old method, into a fish catching machine. The dredge is a slient bait the can be ripped up cranked slow or verical jiged. The ditch digger much like the dredge, but bigger has a load rattle chamber and it weighted to the max in 1 OZ and 1.25 oz. (More infromation to follow)