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Chris Baumgardner fourth place finish FLW Fort  Loudoun 2010

Super Man
Length: 5.25"
(*Length Of Lure Does Not Include Wire eyes and Props )
Depth: Top
Line: 15-20 lb.
Rod Action: Top water Buzzing Bee Rod 7 Foot                                       
 $27.75 each
Product Color:
Superman Wake:
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* shipping will take approximately 1-2 weeks
Standard $6.00 order up to a 1LB

Pictured is the supperman ,  The Supperman  has a specially designed  to induce aggressive strikes when they are finicky just coming off the beds or in the in-between stage.  This special design has the weight and balance far beyond. This bait was designed and built for the pros to have an edge when the bit is tough, or the fish are not aggressive. Just not ready to eat on  top! Take your heat meds this one will scare you to death. When they explode it. All colors available and we will color custom paint any color you desire. Hand made and hand painted by (the choice of the pros.)