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"As a professional angler, my livelihood depends nearly one hundred percent on my ability to catch fish.  In a sport with so many variables that are beyond our control, it is extremely important that I make the best decisions when it come to factors that I do have control over.  One of the most important decisions that I can make is lure selection.  Brian's Bees crankbaits have provided me with a bait in which I can place my total confidence in.  There is no question of what to expect when I tie one on.  If I lose one, I know that the next one I tie on is going to be a fish catching machine just like the last one; and that is extremely important to me.  The quality of these baits is unmatched from concept through the finished product.  They are by far the best handmade baits that I've been exposed to, and with a bait for just about any application, they have quickly become a necessary part of my arsenal that will no doubt lead to further success in my career."   Thanks and good luck!          

 Anthony Gagliardi

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                   Wolf Pack Bass1      Wolfpack Bass2                     

  FLW Winning Baits Lake murry



Anthony Gagliardi receives the Land O' Lakes Angler of the Year trophy for being the most consistent pro on the FLW Tour in 2006.