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Flat Bee  Harder wobble                                                                               Flat Bee #2 Tight wobble
Weight:3/16 OZ
Length: 2.25"
(*Length Of Lure Does Not Include Wire eyes)
Depth: 2 to 6 feet  Weighted
Line: 6-12 lb.
Action: Swimming Wobble Rod thumper
Rod Action Flat Side Crankin Stick
 $22.50 each
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Flat Bee #2:

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Standard $6.00 order up to a 1LB

  This little baby is like Its brothers except, No rattle here Longer lip for more of a swimming wobble . The Flat Bee has a specially designed with out a rattle  to induce aggressive strikes when they are finicky  this special design has the weight and balance far beyond. The New Flat Bee  It is 1/4” thick. With Marcita bills the true flat side has no rattle and is truly flat. This bait was designed and built for the pros to have an edge when the bit is tough, or the fish are not aggressive. The flat side action stands above the rest. All colors available and we will color custom paint any color you desire. Hand made and hand painted by (the choice of the pros.)  This bait is a remake of my old Bounty hunters that I made 25 years ago. 

Here is a bait that everyone's been waiting on. Built for Chris Baumgardner 1998 classic qualifier FLW Winner Potomac river 2007. Runs 4 to 6 ft deep with a tight wiggle. Use 6 to 12 lb test and hold on, This bait is 2.1/2 inches long.