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Length: 3.00"
(*Length Of Lure Does Not Include Wire eyes and Props )
Depth: Top
Line: 15-20 lb.(copolymer or monofilament) 
Rod Action:  Fast Popping 6' 6" prop bee rod Medium
 $27.75 each
Product Color:
Prop Bee#2:
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USPS Priorty Mail $6.00 order up to a 1LB

125,000.00 Winner Of the FLW tour event in Hot Springs

2nd Place FLW CUP 2011 Randell Tharp 100,000.00

Clark Wendlandt FLW Cup 2007 3rd place 75,000.00

Mike Surman FLWCup 2007 Fourth 60,000.00

Brian Thrift FLW CuBrian Thrift FLW Cup 2007 Fifth 50,000.00

The proof is in the math !!!!!

National Guard pro Brent Ehrler proudly displays his first-place check after winning the FLW Tour Chevy Open event at Lake Ouachita on the  Prop Bee #3

Brent Ehrler