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Tiny Bee #1                                                                Tiny Bee #2

1/4 OZ
Length: 2..25"
(*Length Of Lure Does Not Include Wire eyes)
Depth: 2 to 4 feet
Line: 6-12 lb.
Action:Flatside Crankin Stick 6'6''
 $22.50 each 
Product Color:
Product Color:

Tiny Bee 1:

Tiny Bee 2:

Tiny Bee3:
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Standard $6.00 order up to a 1LB

The tiny bee #1 is A little bait that is awesome. It is 1.75 inches long runs 2 to 5 ft deep. Use a light action rod, 8 to 10 lb test. It is a small bait but  heavy enough to throw on bait casting reel. This bait is already bringing home checks on the FLW Tour. This bait helped Jason Quinn make the classis this year. Its appearances Made the BASS times and Bass masters magazines. The tiny bee #2 same size but shallow running and a wobble they cant stand made its appearance into the FLW this Year. The tiny bee #3 is here and ready to wack'em