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Weight:5/16 OZ
Length: 1.78"
(*Length Of Lure Does Not Include Wire eyes)
Depth: 2 to 4 feet
Line: 6-12 lb. hooks 2 #4s
Action:Flatside Crankin Stick 6'6''
Little HC:
* shipping will take approximately 1-2 weeks Standard $6.00 order up to a 1LB 

The Little HC  was named after Hank Cherry, since He play a big roll in its design and was build espeically for him, also known By HC Hightly Confedentual a  A co anglers dream come true was made for the guys who loved the small heavy baits. It with the proper hooks can suspend. The little HC was made  to catch the bass when in the fall or spring when the shad gets balled on the banks. The little HC  runs 4 to 6 ft with 12 lb line, heavier line shallower depth. 

My 6' 6" FlatSide cranking stick is perfect matches don’t leave on the trail with out one.