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   These are some of the most sought after deep diving crank baits on the tournament trail today.  Brian's Bee's are made in Mount  Holly North Carolina.  The deep diving baits are hand carved from balsa wood, hand sanded, specially coated and sealed for durability.  They are hand painted for the most color enhanced bait you can buy.  All paints are hand mixed to produce a special blend of colors unseen to the human eye;  But testing by Brian's pro staff has produced dominant fish catching colors.  These are a line of baits that were designed especially for Anthony Gagliardi; One of the best deep fishermen on the Pro circuit today. The deep divers are made with the same bill material that Brian uses on his other baits. All deep baits are weighted by a digital scale to 1/100 of an oz.  The nose down design provides bottom action that is unsurpassed by any other baits. 


Bee 24

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Bee 300

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